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Are you looking for kids boutique clothing?

Do you like trendy kids clothes and trendy clothes for teens?

If so, then check out our children’s boutique! We can help you!

Benefits of Shopping at la dolce kids Children's Boutique!

If you are really into kids fashion, we have you covered with our trendy kids clothes for for babies, toddlers, boys, little girls, all the way through the teens! 

We offer a full range of kids boutique clothing to choose from, including girls boutique dresses, skirts, and tops, along with hoodies, ripped jeans, pants, coats and jackets, pants, t-shirts, and everything in between. 

La Dolce Kids:: Children's Boutique. Kids Boutique Clothes, showing models for designer Marni in a row, dressed in trendy, colorful Spring-Summer 2019 kids boutique clothes.

Your child in The Trendiest styles!

Have your little girl, boy, or teen always looking trendy with our detailed, stylish, & high-quality kids boutique clothing. Our children’s boutique clothing comes from truly gifted Italian, French, Spanish, British, Brazilian, and Australian designers.

youR child’s Fashion appreciation

Keep your child’s appreciation for fashion high with our trendy kids boutique clothing. The beautiful patterns, color/fabric combinations,  and sophisticated details, will have them always looking first class, with an appreciation for fashion! 

a multi-cultural environment

With kids boutique clothing from international designers, including Italian, French, English, Spanish, Australian, and Brazilian, your child will have a full-range of sophisticated fashion styles to choose from and have exposure to multi-cultural fashion!.


We build a relationship with our clients. We actually offer first class customer service and first class kids boutique clothing! Our Live Chat allows you to contact us immediately with any questions or concerns. 


We save our best discounts and notices of incoming new styles for the loyal clients of our children’s boutique.  Once you’re a client of La Dolce Kids children’s boutique, we love to treat you right!.


Delivery is made by UPS and is free! There is a minimum site purchase of $125 at our children’s boutique. 

A taste of style!

 Designer Daniele Alessandrini Boys Boutique Clothing Pants: Reduced from  $86 to $51!

So Trendy, Detailed, Girls Boutique Clothing Skirt from Designer Brand Meilisa Bai: Reduced from $78 to $45!

A Truly Unique, Boys Boutique Clothing Sweatshirt Jacket, from Designer Brand Fred Mello: Reduced from $72 to $48!


So Trendy, Girls Boutique Clothing Striped Designer Pants From High-Fashion, Designer Brand Marni: Reduced from $249 to $111!

So Detailed, so Stylish, Girls Boutique Clothing Skirt from Designer Brand Maelie: Reduced From $66 to 41!

Stunning, Girls Boutique Clothing Dress from Designer Brand Marc Ellis: Reduced from $102 to $70!

Ultimate-style, Boys Boutique Suit Set from Designer Anacapri: Reduced from $305 to $285

Fantastically-designed, Girls Boutique Dress from Designer Brand Little Miss Aoki: Reduced from $260 to $187.