Artigli DEsigner Profile

The Artigli Carillo Group is an Apparel Production Company located in Naples, Italy, a beautiful, historically rich metropolitan city in southern Italy.Artigli was established in 2002, when the Carillo brothers invented the brand and launched their first collection. It made its debut on the market with fashion characterised by a highly innovative style.

This brand always keeps pace with market evolutions, standing today as one of the national leaders in Italy for the fashion industry, including Italian designer kids clothes. The Artigli collections feature a bold, contemporary style, always in line with the international trends.

Artigli is the outcome of a steady dialogue between tradition and innovation. Italian craftsmanship is exemplified by the fine tailored cut, high quality fabrics, all blended with the use of production technologies, focused on a fashion product with innovative lines and fit.

All fabrics and yarns are carefully selected, adding to every piece a unique stamp of Italian style. The production methods are the result of many years of refined experience, keeping under control every stage of the product process. Creativity and quality are the strengths of the Artigli designer brand.