Fracomina Style Collection

The Fracomina designer brand is owned by PFCMNA S.P.A.The designer brand is headquartered in Nola, Italy. Nola is a town in the Metropolitan City of Naples, located in southern Italy.

In 1931, Gerardo Prisco founded his first textile distribution company. Over the decades, it evolved into a business aimed at production and distribution of clothes dedicated to the “fast fashion” market.  In 1994, Gerardo Prisco’s five sons, after having produced and distributed clothes for 3rd parties for about twenty years, decided to give it a try by beginning to produce and distribute their own brands.

In 2004, Fracomina was born; a feminine brand with a strong Italian identity. This was followed in 2010 by Fracomina Mini, a collection dedicated to the junior world.

This Italian designer brand for kids sees its specific mission to offer its customers products that respect the balance between quality and price range. It offers a collection of very well assorted fashion clothes, Made in Italy, but with international influences.