Gas Style Collection


The GAS brand clothing is from Gas Jeans (S.p.A.), known as “GAS”. It is a leading premium apparel and denim brand owned by Grotto S.p.A, operated by the Grotto family out of Chiuppano, Italy. Chiuppano is a town in the province of Vicenza, Veneto, in northern Italy. The company was founded by Claudio Grotto, in the early 1970s. Today it operates sales in more than 56 countries with more than 3,000 stores.

GAS targets its clothing to the youth segment. The brand is known in both the Italian and worldwide fashion scenes as being simple, original and versatile. Hungarian model Barbara Palvin has been in many GAS jeans ads, wearing a variety of GAS brand jeans. She was the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue “Rookie of the Year”. In 2019, she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel.