!M?ERFECT designer profile


In 2004 Fabio Castelli, Giovanni Piloni, Alberto Scorsetti, Alessandro Riva and Mario Stuppelli created ‘Five Seasons’, a fashion company which proved to be a winner from the very first year. It is headquartered in Cernusco sul Naviglio, a town and comune in the Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy.

This brand, founded in 2012, is themed upon a quote from Marilyn Monroe: “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius.” The inspiration for this line comes directly from the style of American celebrities. Their impeccable charm and beauty in the spotlight, while remaining super fashionable, even in their spare time, is what inspires this Italian designer brand. 

The name chosen for the brand fully embraces this trend that makes a style !M?ERFECT.  It is not by chance that the first imperfection takes shape in the logo lettering.  Two letters are replaced by two symbols: instead of the P there is a question mark, while the I is turned upside down, becoming an exclamation point, which, enclosed in two square brackets, becomes the brand identification symbol.