John Galiano Designer Profile


John Galiano is technically considered a “british fashion designer”.  However, he was actually born in Gibraltar. Many Italians immigrated to Gibraltar in the past. His Spanish mother and Gibraltarian father moved the family to South London when he was 6.   

We include him in the collection because (1) his surname Galliano is Italian, first found in Milan, Italy; and (2) his fashion designs are just so good.  

John Galliano is a well known eccentric and innovative brand. His famous gazette prints are popular around the world and are also featured in his children’s clothing lines.  

John Galliano previously served as head designer of the French haute couture houses Givenchy (1995-1996) and Christian Dior (1996-2011).

John Galliano’s mother, a flamenco teacher, took pride in her family’s appearance. She would dress her son John in elaborate outfits, even when taking him to run simple errands. Although he was teased by his crudily dressed schoolmates, his mother instilled in him a bold and creative fashion sensibility.