Marc Ellis Designer Profile


Marc Ellis, while not an Italian name, is certainly 100% Italian!  It’s roots as an Italian designer brand date back to 1929, in Naples, Italy, in a small craftsman shoe workshop, owned by Mario Troise.

Out of this were created the shoe designer brands, Don Fransisco and Don Pablo.

Mario probably never expected that in the future his small shop of 15 to 20 pairs per day of production would become a real company with distribution in all over the world. Between 1978 and 2000 the daily production reached historical peaks of 5,000 pairs of shoes per day.

In 2005, the father’s sons, now running the company, decided to give the Troise company a new direction. On a regular evening, both brothers, Massimo and Mario, found themselves spending the night in a club on the 32nd floor of a skyscraper in New York. From this was born the Marc Ellis brand, dedicated to those young people who make fashion an essence of life.

Marc Ellis boasts an enviable distribution across Italy and into Russia, the USA, Asia, and much of Europe. The brand is recognized by the leading opinion makers in the fashion industry such as Vogue, Flair and Glamour.