Shop Art Designer Profile


Charisma, dynamism and vivacity characterize the Shop Art collection dedicated to young and junior girls.

The Shop Art kids designer fashion is casual, practical, and sporty, but at the same time is SUPER GLAM!

“Shop art girl” is the most spirited brand ever distributed by its producer and manufacturer, Manifatture Daddato Spa. This brand is headquartered in Barletta, Italy, in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, in the Puglia region of southeastern Italy.

With “Shop art girl” your child will be at ease in the color and comfort of the lines and fabrics, with an amazing look that will surely leave everyone wowed!  

The materials, like every brand of Manifatture Daddato, are selected with extreme care, in addition to the lines being very original and refined.

Let yourself be swept away by the fantastic sweatshirts. From a basic style with a printed logo in gray mélange colors or white.  These sweatshirts look really fantastic with everything, in particular with overalls and jeans, to give life to a casual but impactful look.

Next to the basic lines, with imprinted logo, you will also find the stars, the distinctive symbol of Shop Art.