Trussardi Junior Designer Collection

Trussardi is an Italian fashion house founded in 1911. It is headquartered in Milian, Italy.  It began as a leather glove manufacturer and expanded its line to additional leather goods in the 1970s after Nicola Trussardi took over from his uncle. In the 1980s the company started production of ready-to-wear clothing, including the Trussardi Junior children’s line.

Out of Trussardi comes a wonderful child and baby collection, which celebrates Made in Italy with the extraordinary quality of fabrics and lines, perfect for all children. The Trussardi children’s collection is all about comfort, without sacrificing style. The colorful and fresh Trussardi t-shirts for children are perfect for summer living. Also present in the Trussardi spring summer collection are children’s polo shirts (solid or patterned), which are ideal for dressing a child for any summer outing.

If the ceremony is in the evening and a polo shirt is not enough, there are the Trussardi Junior shirts. These shirts (in short or long sleeves), are elegant and perfect for important occasions.

Don’t forget Trussardi Junior pants and Bermuda shorts of course! Be inspired by the style of Trussardi Junior!

For girls, Trussardi Junior dresses are beautiful. They come in plain or patterned and boast the unique touch of Trussardi Junior style. Even the little Trussardi t-shirts for girls are elegant, refined, and perfect for an afternoon of games with friends or a Sunday lunch with the whole family. Light and of high quality, they are perfect for the hottest days because they keep the little ones dry and fresh.